New Grass Policy

We have a little story to share, we hope you'll read ahead. When we took over the Panama 66 space in the May S. Marcy Sculpture Garden at the San Diego Museum of Art we were (and still are!) beyond excited about the potential and the possibilities. Fast forward almost 11 months later and it's been a crazy, fun ride thus far. Some of our most favorite guests have come up to us to tell us they've never spent so much time at this glorious park until we were there, that they're excited to have other food options in the Park, that they've now become Members of the Museum (and not just because of the 10% discount at the restaurant) and of course, to tell us they love picnic-ing in the Sculpture Garden. 

But the Sculpture Garden is in fact, an ART GALLERY, part of the San Diego Museum of Art. And the reality is, it's been so popular that people have forgotten that fact. And the next thing ya' know there are kids climbing the (rare, expensive) sculptures, folks throwing frisbees and people leaving behind loads of trash. Not exactly Gallery Rules!

So THE NEW RULES, which we have crafted in conjunction with the San Diego Museum of Art, include no balls, no frisbees, no picnics, and no eating. We know the last one will bum some of you out- it's been a blast taking your food from Panama 66 out to a blanket and enjoying the San Diego sunshine. But it's a Gallery space, not an open park. And remember, our whole restaurant is out in the sunshine! We have no roof! (As was painfully obvious during that last, much-needed rain storm.)

Here's the SILVER LINING: YOU CAN STILL TAKE YOUR BEVERAGES OUT THERE. As in your local beer, your California wine, your superb cocktails. Just please, clean up after yourself ;)

So to recap, NEW RULES:

* No balls, no frisbees
* No climbing the sculptures (not even for selfies)
* Keep an eye on your children (don't let them climb sculptures and hide in the bushes)
* No food delivery from Panama 66, No outside Food either, just no more food.
* Drinks ARE allowed, even alcoholic ones (but don't set them down on sculptures and don't bring in outside alcohol)
* Clean up after yourself please

We know, it's a bummer to be able to do something and then not be able to do it. Especially fun things. But the Sculpture Garden isn't a Balboa Park public lawn. It's a Gallery Space. But we said that already so you get it. And thank you.

Live Music Friday and Closed on Saturday

Friday: Dusty Brough and Julien Cantelm will perform live under the name Vimana. Check out this cover of Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks" to get a taste of what you'll be hearing.

Saturday: We'll be closed for a wedding.

Sunday: We'll be open until 10pm with Gilbert Castellanos playing live from 7-9pm

Monday: Kitchen open 11am-3pm. Bar open 11am-4pm. Slim Jenkins from San Francisco will play live from 2-4pm.

Closed Friday May 15th & Saturday May 16th

Sorry, but due to the weather and special events at the museum, we will be closed on Friday, May 15th and Saturday May 16th. We will re-open on Sunday, May 17th for normal 10am-10pm hours.