Yeah, dinner at a fancy restaurant is lovely and all, but it's also a damn cliche. We have another idea for you, and frankly we think it's far more romantic.

How does a picnic under the stars sound? 

What about when it's paired with an extra special after-hours tour of works themed around love from the Permanent Collection? 

Did we mention there will be live & lovely music by the swimmingly talented Miss Erika Davies from 6-8pm?

That's exactly what we are doing February 14th. And you can too, but tickets are limited.

Here is the deal: 

You choose from the following to make up your customized Picnic Boxes:

1. SANDWICHES (choose 2)
a. Turkey & Brie
b. Ham & Swiss
c. Hummus Sandwich (vegan)
d. Butternut Squash Sandwich (vegan)

2. NIBBLES (choose 1)
a. Cheese Plate
b. Veg Plate (vegan)

3. BEVERAGES (choose 1)
a. Francis Coppola Frizzante Gia Chardonnay California (a light & fruity bubbly!) (750ml bottle)
b. Tablas Creek Patelin de Rouge (a gorgeous red Rhone blend) (750ml carafe)
c. Macrostie Chardonnay (A bright and smooth white wine) (750ml carafe)
d. New English Pure & Simple IPA (A local West Coast hoppy IPA) (64 oz growler)
e. Benchmark Blonde (an easy drinking and low alcohol beer) (64 oz growler)

And then we throw in some truffles!

You can take the box with a blanket (we have 'em) and your bottle to the grass for a picnic, or grab a table.  You can eat before or after your Tour. You do have to book a specific time for your Tour...

Here is HOW you Order:

1. You book your tour and dinner through the Museum's website, here:

*You must book through the Museum so they can reserve, track and limit the tours.

2. And then you drop us a note that says "Booked my tour, I would like the following sandwiches, nibbles and the bottle of _________"  
Send that note to

Cost is $80 and includes tax but not a tip. And that covers the food package, the bottle of your choice, AND the romantic tour of the Museum. 

Once in a lifetime really. 

This is honestly the kind of stuff we envisioned when we took over the Sculpture Garden space at the San Diego Museum of Art. We are so happy to bring this incredible night to you. Questions? Email us at

Bringing some "Soul" back to Balboa Park


1/23/15 SURE FIRE SOUL ENSEMBLE, live 7-9pm

2/5/15 It's Culture & Cocktails: Havana Nights at the museum
We'll have Besos de Coco, live 8-11pm
2/6/15 Danny Green, live 7-9pm
2/13/15 band tba
with exhibition tours at The San Diego Museum of Art. 
Live Music by Miss Erika Davies
More details TBA.
2/20/15 Trio Gadjo, live 7-9pm
2/21/15 Gilbert Castellanos, live 7-9pm
2/27/15 In Motion Collective, live 7-9pm
2/28/15 Montalban Quintet, live 7-9pm

3/6/15 Besos de Coco, live 7-9pm
3/7/15 Creepxotica, live 7-9pm
3/13/15 Euphoria brass band, live 7-9pm
3/14/15 The Amandas, live 7-9pm
3/20/15 The Mattson 2, live 7-9pm

4/3/15 Waylon Hicks, live 7-9pm
4/10/15 Miss Erika Davies, live 7-9pm
4/17/15 The Mattson 2, live 7-9pm

5/15/15 Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, 7-9pm
5/22/15 The Amandas, 7-9pm

Schedule is subject to change!!!

Live Music at P66

With the success of our shows with The Amandas, Creepxotica and Montalban Quintet, we're now working on putting together a live music schedule for January-April. There's something about these throwback sounds that just work so nicely in the space. So, the bands we're working with all have jazz, soul and/or latin influences. Details are still getting worked out, but here's a rough of what we're looking at.

1/16/15 miss erika davies, live 7-9pm

1/23/15 sure fire soul ensemble, live 7-9pm

2/5/15 culture & cocktails: besos de coco, live 8-11pm
2/6/15 danny green, live 7-9pm
2/13/15 band tba
2/14/15 valentine's day dinner and exhibition tours w/  San Diego Museum of Art. Live Music by Miss Erika Davies. More details TBA.
2/20/15 trio gadjo, live 7-9pm
2/21/15 gilbert castellanos, live 7-9pm
2/27/15 in motion collective, live 7-9pm
2/28/15 montalban quintet, live 7-9pm

3/6/15 besos de coco, live 7-9pm
3/7/15 creepxotica, live 7-9pm
3/13/15 euphoria brass band, live 7-9pm
3/14/15 the amandas, live 7-9pm

Schedule is subject to change!!!