SDBW 2014

This wednesday, NOV 12TH at 6pm
We'll start at Panama 66, our latest place in Balboa Park, with food and a glass of the Automatic/New English Black Lager collaboration. After which we will get on a bus and head over to Tiger!Tiger! where we will enjoy another Auto or NE brew. Then, it's a quick trip over to BLAH for round 3. To finish off the night we will head back to the park and Panama 66 for a 4th, and final treat.

DINNER + 4 BEERS + BUS = $50. 

This will be an entire night out with 33 of your newest friends eating, drinking and talking beer, food and, most likely, some engineering.

Beer Choices will include:
Auto/NE Black Lager Collaboration
Auto Golden Ticket
Auto Ginger Van Dang
Auto Los Muertos Brown
Auto Van Dang
Auto Tiny Knives
Auto Spirit of the Dead (Maybe!!)
NE Pure & Simple
NE Zumbar
NE Dragoons Cask

Don't miss the bus. Reserve your seat.

Halloween in the Park

PANAMA 66 & 
We'll be open until 11pm on Halloween with the kitchen open until 10pm. Get out in the park for some great events and exhibitions, and then stop by before, after or during. At the park there will be a bike ride, silent movie at the Organ Pavillion, puppets, mummies and more. At P66 we'll have AleSmith Evil Dead Red and Automatic Spirit of the Dead, as well as a great selection of San Diego draft beers.

Events in the park...


Sun 10/19 at 2pm
Wed 10/22 at 2pm
Sat 1025 at 2pm

Sat 11/16 at 2pm
Sun 11/17 at 2pm


Modern Times - Universal Friend
Saison/Farmhouse Ale  7.2%
Pours a pale yellow with a half finger white head which fades to very little lacing. Aroma is of white wine, belgian yeast, sour ripe fruits, sourdough bread, and some wet hay funk. Taste is similar to the aroma with a lot of white wine and sour fruit notes. Has a medium-light body with a slightly watery mouthfeel and a sweet sour sour, semi dry, medium finish. Overall, a very interesting and pretty tasty saison .

New English - Pure & Simple IPA 6.5%
West Coast IPA
Brewed with UK Golden Promise as 100% of the base malt along with some Vienna, Carapils and light crystal malts to add some complexity. To ensure the bitterness of a West Coast Style IPA, the IBUs were set at 75 and Nugget and Centennial hops were uses as early kettle additions.

Port High Tide 6.5%
Fresh Hop IPA
A seasonal IPA brewed and dry hopped with freshly harvested Centennial and Simcoe flower hops.

Alpine Pure Hoppiness 8%
West Coast 2xIPA
This is the one you are looking for. A West Coast Double IPA So mega-hopped it will take you to hop heaven. We’ve used hops in the boil, more hops in the giant hopback, and added to that, an incredible amount of dry-hopping for that cutting-edge “hop bite.” Once you’ve tasted this unique beer, all others pale in comparison. 1.072 OG Classified IBU 

Creepxotica at Panama 66? Yes!

The Creepy Creeps bring their awesomeness in the for of Creepxotica to Panama 66
Monday, September 15th from 7-8pm
Full Bar. Full Kitchen. All Ages.

Until the End of the World / Sorolla / Mingei Cafe

Monday, August 25th is the final Film in the Garden of the season:  Wim Wenders' Until the End of the World. The P66 bar will stay open until 9pm with full bar and some limited sandwiches.
No outside alcohol allowed!

SHOUT #1:  Sorolla & America is coming to an end and to celebrate its success the Museum is staying open till 8pm Saturday, August 23 through Tuesday, August 26. This is a super opportunity to catch this breathtaking show "after hours."

SHOUT #2: The Mingei Cafe is opening this week! Those of us working at the Park are looking very forward to getting our lattes and mochas there. They are located behind the Nikki-gator inside the southern most door of the Mingei Museum, of course.

Film in the Garden

Film in the Garden: Roman Holiday
Monday, August 11, 8:00 pm
Grab a picnic, a blanket, and a few friends and come enjoy this film beneath the stars! Audrey Hepburn stars in this...

Film in the Garden: Until the End of the World
Monday, August 25, 8:00 pm
Grab a picnic, a blanket, and a few friends and come enjoy this film beneath the stars! The exhibitions...

P66 Extended Soft Opening "Bar Only" Hours

Did you know that we (Lee, Jen, Jeff & Clea) have taken over the outdoor restaurant space that occupies the Sculpture Court of the San Diego Museum of Art? We did, but shhh. We don't want to tell too many people just yet. It's new and we are just getting the hang of it. But we wanted to tell you, yes YOU. 
We are calling it Panama 66.
Here's the deal: We are open, quietly, Monday through Friday, for lunch from 11am - 3pm.
And then again on Saturday & Sunday for Brunch, from 10am - 3pm.

And then THIS FRIDAY (oops, we mean, this friday, shhh) we are opening the bar-only, till about 8pm. And listen, if you're wondering what that place looks like in the evening twilight, here you go:

You can sit on the grass or at the bar or at a table.
It's not our actual bar yet, or our tables or our chairs, but the beer -- it's ALL us. In fact, it's all San Diego. And the wine is all California (and there is more than at BLAH or Tiger) and the cocktails -- OH YEAH -- there are cocktails, as in hard alcohol, spirits, deliciousness mixed with local berries and citrus and other fantastic concoctions. Or straight up. Your call.
But back to food and Lunch & Brunch: Sharon Wilson, our Executive Chef at Tiger! Tiger! has taken the reins at Panama 66 and the menu is a little bit Blind Lady, a lot Tiger! and a big ol' jigger of it's own thing. 
Think: more salads. Think: all house-made meats. Think: plenty of vegan and vegetarian.
Big, grand, fancy pants opening will come in September but for now, you can preview the food -- and the gorgeous location -- any day of the week for Lunch (or Brunch) or come on by Friday night for a drink by moonlight. 

Soft Opening Hours
Monday - Wednesday | 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Thursday - Friday | 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (lunch) | 3:00 - 8:00 p.m. (bar only)*
Saturday - Sunday | 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Oh, and have you heard about the Film in the Garden series that the San Diego Museum of Art puts on in our space? The Museum shows a film in the garden and we keep the bar open late. We have a full bar and sandwich boxes ready to go. Bring a blanket and enjoy. Please, no outside alcohol is allowed.

Monday, August 11, 8:00 pm
Grab a picnic, a blanket, and a few friends and come enjoy this film beneath the stars! Audrey Hepburn stars in this...

Monday, August 25, 8:00 pm
Grab a picnic, a blanket, and a few friends and come enjoy this film beneath the stars! The exhibitions...