SDBW 2014

This wednesday, NOV 12TH at 6pm
We'll start at Panama 66, our latest place in Balboa Park, with food and a glass of the Automatic/New English Black Lager collaboration. After which we will get on a bus and head over to Tiger!Tiger! where we will enjoy another Auto or NE brew. Then, it's a quick trip over to BLAH for round 3. To finish off the night we will head back to the park and Panama 66 for a 4th, and final treat.

DINNER + 4 BEERS + BUS = $50. 

This will be an entire night out with 33 of your newest friends eating, drinking and talking beer, food and, most likely, some engineering.

Beer Choices will include:
Auto/NE Black Lager Collaboration
Auto Golden Ticket
Auto Ginger Van Dang
Auto Los Muertos Brown
Auto Van Dang
Auto Tiny Knives
Auto Spirit of the Dead (Maybe!!)
NE Pure & Simple
NE Zumbar
NE Dragoons Cask

Don't miss the bus. Reserve your seat.